Colonel Stephen McCartney, Chief of PoliceAs Colonel, I would like to personally welcome you to the Warwick Police Department’s website. We are a Nationally Accredited, Community Policing Agency that stresses professionalism, integrity and fairness. The Warwick Police Department is comprised of dedicated, professional police officers that are committed to the safety and security of the residents of the City of Warwick.

I encourage you to take some time to review the vast amount of information contained within the Warwick Police Department's Annual Report. The Annual Report provides an overview of the Warwick Police Department and details various yearly statistical information that you may find useful. This includes data relating to calls for service, response times, crime reports, as well as victim and offender information.

The men and women of the Warwick Police Department have continued to work in conjunction with our elected officials and citizenry to provide service to the City of Warwick that can be described as nothing less than exemplary. Community participation and involvement has continued to be a cornerstone of our effectiveness in deterring criminal activity within the city, and ensuring that Warwick remains one of the safest cities in the Nation to raise a family.  In 2012, the City of Warwick was named the safest major city in Rhode Island. “The safest major city in Rhode Island is Warwick, according to the 2013 edition of City Crime Rankings published from CQ press. CQ press’ ranking of 432 cities in the US with a population of 75,000 or greater ranked Warwick at #46 nationally”.

The Warwick Police Department has continued to make technological improvements within the police department. With society becoming one that utilizes social media and computers on a daily basis for communication, the Warwick Police Department has made a commitment to equip its officer’s with the tools and resources necessary to investigate any criminal wrongdoing with regard to the social media frenzy. In 2012, one such improvement was the addition of a Digital Information Management System (DIMS). The DIMS system allows the department to store digital evidence. This has greatly enhanced the efficiency of both storing and retrieving digital evidence in criminal cases.

In addition to the DIMS system, the police department was also able to add a COGENT AFIS work station. The Cogent AFIS work station has given investigators a search engine to search for fingerprints across a state wide database. This is an investigative tool that has broadened the search for wanted suspects in criminal investigations. In continuing our efforts to increase investigative technology, we were able to solidify and centralize the operation of the Computer Forensic Unit (CFU) through the UASI grant.

Another important project that was completed in 2012 was the inception of E-citation in the fleet of cruisers. E-Citation allows officers in the field to issue traffic summons directly from their MDT (mobile data terminal) to a printer that is set up in their cruiser. The data from each violation is then sent electronically to the Court system.

2012 also saw the revitalization of the Warwick Police K-9 Unit. The Warwick Police Department welcomed the addition of K-9’s Viking and Fox to the Community Services Division. Finally, in an effort to keep the department staffed to its full complement of 167 officers, the Grant administration Sergeant was able to successfully obtain the additional hiring of four police officers through the Cops Hiring Grant .

The personnel of the Warwick Police Department, both sworn and civilian, are proud to be a part of one of the finest police departments in the United States. Each and every one of our members plays an integral part in the success of our department. Our most important goal is to ensure the safety and well being of the citizens of Warwick.

I am hopeful that the information provided will be very useful and enhance your understanding of our agency, the types of services which we provide and the role which we play in the community.