Mayor Scott Avedisian will join police officials and the Board of Public Safety at the department’s promotional and awards ceremony at 6 p.m. Tuesday, (May 14) in City Hall’s Council Chambers, 3275 Post Road.

Avedisian will administer the oath of office to:

  • Police Recruit Thomas J. Duncan
  • Police Recruit Aaron C. Kay
  • Academy Trainee Sokphannareth Chea
  • Academy Trainee Zachary J. Davis
  • Academy Trainee Robert F. Gauvin
  • Academy Trainee Kevin McGuire

Officers receiving awards:

  • Sergeant Mark A. Canning - 1st Class Commendation
  • Detective Eric J. Johnson - 1st Class Commendation
  • Sergeant Joseph F. Hopkins - 2nd and 3rd Class Commendation
  • Detective Barbara L. Frazier - 2nd Class Commendation
  • Detective James M. Medieros - Administrative Merit Award