The following officers have completed the 8-hour Taser User Course of Instruction and are certified to deploy a department taser.  There will be an additional training class in July to get those officers identified by the uniform OIC’s trained.

Warwick Police TaserCaptain Thomas Hannon (Instructor)

Sergeant Stephen W. Fernandez
Sergeant John V. Kelly Jr.
Sergeant Kyle Kettle
Sergeant Brian Mulcahey                                
Sergeant Thomas Snow                                  
Sergeant James Valkoun
Sergeant Alan Valliere

Detective John McHale (Instructor)

Officer Damian Andrews
Officer Charles Austin
Officer Matt Barlow (Instructor)
Officer Ray Cox (Instructor)
Officer John Curley
Officer Gary Driscoll (Instructor)
Officer Dale Drowne (Instructor)
Officer Mark Jandreau (Instructor)
Officer Britt Kelly
Officer Dan Maggiacomo (Instructor)
Officer Matt Moretti
Officer Joshua Myer  
Officer Jeffrey Taranto
Officer James B. Vible
Officer Geoffrey Waldman