The Warwick Police Department announces the arrest of Nicholas E. Stocker on June 19, 2013, charged with six (6) counts of vandalism; misdemeanor offenses. This arrest follows a three month perfected investigation led by Officer Gary Driscoll of the Warwick Police Department, Patrol Division. The Warwick Police Department alleges Stocker is responsible for numerous graffiti tags on roadways, businesses, and Amtrak property throughout the City, resulting in over ten-thousand dollars in damage/removal costs to the victims.

Officer Driscoll collaborated with Amtrak and Rhode Island Environmental Police throughout the course of this investigation. The Warwick Police Department is pursuing the arrest of an accomplice in this case. The Warwick police Department will continue to diligently investigate and prosecute persons responsible for graffiti offenses. Although, the Warwick Police Department recognizes artistic expression and appreciates public art, illicit activities aimed at defacing property, depreciating neighborhoods, and/or impeding safe travel will not be tolerated. The Warwick Police Department encourages complaints in this regard and will aggressively seek restitution for victim(s) graffiti removal expenses.

Point of Contact: Captain Joseph Coffey