The Warwick Police Department Detective Division located the vehicle and person involved in an enticement of a child complaint initiated on October 11th.

The investigation determined that the incident did not occur within the confines of Warwick City Park but on Wellington Ave, which is a residential street in the area of City Park.  The investigation also determined that there was no attempt to entice, lure or abduct the 13 year old male involved. 

The individual in the gray van, determined to be an area resident, was forthcoming and cooperative with police during the investigation. The circumstances revealed that at some point Friday afternoon the family’s cat ran off from the residence.  In an attempt to locate the pet, the individual stopped and asked people, who were out in the neighborhood, if they had seen the cat.

The 13 year old male, who was skateboarding in the area with friends, was approached by the individual. The individual also approached an adult female, who was walking in the neighborhood, provided his address and asked that she contact the family if they found the cat.

The 13 year old male should be commended for advising his parents and the police since he felt as though the man’s actions were suspicious. According to the National Crime Prevention Council the 13 year old acted accordingly by: “Trust your instincts. If something or some-one makes you uneasy, avoid the person or situation, leave as soon as possible and report the incident.”

He was able to provide an accurate description of the man and his vehicle, which greatly aided police in developing a positive identification.

In situations like this one, it is then the responsibility of the police to investigate these matters. Because of the 13 year olds actions the Warwick Police were able to investigate the incident and determine there was no nefarious intent on the part of the individual, calming neighbor’s fears.