The Warwick Police Department would like to remind residentsto lock windows and doors to their homes. Police handle several burglary reports per month, and for many reasons, this time of year attracts thieves. Some tips for keeping your home safe include:

Locking ALL doors

Having exterior lighting to illuminate your yard and property

Clearing high shrubbery from windows

Never leave spare keys hiding outside your home

Have friends and neighbors collect mail and newspapers if you are going to be away a few days

Have friends and neighbors shovel snow if you are going to be away a few days

Have a neighbor park in your driveway while away

Call police if you notice any suspicious vehicles or people in your neighborhood

Police also warn people to lock their cars, even while parked outside your home. An unlocked car is too inviting for thieves who prey on rummaging through vehicles searching for valuables. If you are out shopping at night, park in a well lit area as close to the store as possible. When returning to your car, look around to see if anyone is following you or standing near your car. If you see anything suspicious, return to the store and notify an employee or call police.