January 7, 2014



The Warwick Police Department continues to be a leader in the statewide fight against drivers who choose to get behind the wheel while driving impaired.


Warwick, RI- The Warwick Police Department along with State and local law enforcement officers continue to aggressively enforce laws aimed at keeping motorists safe against drivers who place the public in danger by getting behind the wheel after drinking.  

From the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend through the New Year, the Warwick Police Department arrested 56 drivers and charged them with DUI related offenses to include Refusal to Submit to a Chemical test. Additional patrols specifically targeting DUI related offenses were out during this critical time in an effort to combat this growing problem.

During the calendar year 2013, Warwick Police officers arrested a total of 494 people for DUI related offenses in an effort to keep our roadways safe. These numbers clearly show the Warwick Police Department’s continued commitment to get this message out and attempt to reduce the number of drivers who choose to get behind the wheel while impaired.

The Warwick Police Department and its statewide partners to include Highway Safety advocates as well as other law enforcement agencies will continue to do its part in an effort to put an end to this problem that often times end with tragic consequences.