January 12, 2016

Earlier this morning, a three member panel was convened for the purpose of determination whether "Booker", a 1 ½ year male blue nose pit bull, is deemed vicious. This hearing was requested by the Warwick Police Department, relative an incident, which occurred on January 3, 2016, where "Booker" while unleashed, bit a Papillion named "Stewie", who was being walked on leash by his owner at the Willow Glen Condominiums. The panel consisted of a representative of the Warwick Police Department, SPCA, and a third member chosen by the Warwick Police Department and SPCA.
After hearing testimony, the panel determined "Booker" to be vicious, and imposed the following requirements by unanimous consent:
$100,000 minimum insurance
Tattoo or microchip,
Warning sign
Notification of the police department if the dog is loose
Leash and muzzle required if off owner's property
Leash or enclosed area required if outside on owner's property
If owner moves, both cities/towns be notified of move
Owner cannot give away or sell dog

The panel voted against a six sided enclosure by a 2-1 vote.

The owner has thirty (30) days to comply with the requirements imposed by the panel. In addition, the owner, David Rothermel of Warwick, was issued a Municipal Court violation for 2 counts of violation of Sec. 4-8 "Restraint of Dogs Required at All Times for allowing his two dogs, "Booker" and a husky to run at large. The violation carries a $30.00 fine.

POC: Major Christine Kelley