What are the "rules of the road" at Warwick Intersections where multi-way stop signs have been installed in accordance with MUTCD wararnts?

The Rhode Island DMV driver’s manual offers the following guidance:

RIGL 31-20-9 Obedience to stop signs. – Every driver of a vehicle approaching a stop sign shall stop before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection. In the event there is no crosswalk, the driver shall stop at a clearly marked stop line, but if none, then at the point nearest the intersecting highway where the driver has a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting highway before entering the intersection, except when directed to proceed by a police officer or traffic control signal.

Follow these procedures when at an intersection with a four-way stop:

1. Once stopped, you must yield to all other vehicles that were stopped prior to your arrival at the stop sign.

2. Once having stopped, all other vehicles arriving at the intersection after you must yield the right of way to you.

3. If two vehicles arrive at the intersection at the same time, you must yield the right of way to the vehicle on your right.

4. As always, being courteous and respectful will help prevent dangerous situations and make the roadways safer for all drivers.

The unofficial rules of thumb at four-way stop intersections are as follows:

If you are the only vehicle at the intersection, stop, look all ways, and proceed.

If there is already another vehicle at the intersection, it has the right-of-way.

If two vehicles arrive at the same time, the vehicle on the right has the right-of way.