Shouldn't the City of Warwick be allowed to install stop signs where and when it wants, particularly when requested by a neighborhood?

When misused, the stop sign can create an inconvenient, and even dangerous, situation for motorists and pedestrians. Drivers are more likely to intentionally violate unwarranted signs.

Research has shown that unwarranted stop signs and stop signs that have been used for speed control, do not have the effect desired. Speeds between the stop signs increase as drivers try to make up for lost time. Drivers tend to roll through the unwarranted stop signs with higher frequency (over 50%).

Traffic accidents at unwarranted stop controlled intersection are often higher than when the intersection was uncontrolled or two-way stop controlled. There is also an increase in noise and air pollution levels to nearby residents as the result of vehicles braking and accelerating.

Stop signs cannot be viewed as a cure-all for solving all safety problems, but, when properly located, they can be useful traffic control devices to enhance safety for all roadway users.