The N.I.T.E. Program stands for Neighborhood Intensive Traffic Enforcement Program and its goal is address traffic related complaints and concerns throughout the City of Warwick. This program is unique in that it is divided equally across the Cities nine (9) Wards with each Ward receiving funds recently approved by the Warwick City Council to address a variety of traffic related complaints and concerns.  Officers conduct four (4) hour details during various days/times within target specific areas in an effort to combat a traffic problem such as speeding/stop sign violations or identify if a problem may be perceived more than actual.  Complaints are lodged through a variety of sources such as the individual Council members, the Mayor’s office, or the Police Department which does routine analysis of accidents as well as studies of traffic problems in order to determine areas which require additional traffic related resources. 

The N.I.T.E. program is administered through the Department’s Community Services Division which is headed by Lieutenant Michael Gilbert and overseen by Traffic Division Sergeant Earl Read.

For more information, residents can contact the Traffic Division at (401)468-4343.