In 2014, officers assigned to the 2nd platoon responded to over 35,432 calls for service, made 1,641 arrests, issued 4,108 violations and responded to 1,344 vehicle crashes.  The officers are heavily involved in the community and work with the community police officers on quality of life issues that affect neighborhoods throughout the city.

The new integration of two K-9 officers who augment the patrol officers has proved instrumental in assisting with missing person complaints, drug searches, and car stops.  Utilizing crime analysis data a special enforcement car was dedicated every night to target areas of increased crime, warrant attempts, traffic crashes and special events.  This afforded the platoon flexibility with deploying additional resources to combat areas where crime and traffic crashes peak.  One of the better programs begun by the platoon focuses on assigning specific officers to areas of increased citizen complaints.  A Special Enforcement Detail car has been assigned to warrant pickup attempts, specific streets where citizens have complained about speeders, and varied enforcement based on crime trends.

As the statistics illustrate, this proactive strategy in addition to the beat officers’ partnership with the community proved extremely effective for the second platoon in 2014.