Viking2                                                                                                                          Fox2

                        K-9 Viking                                                                                                                                                                                  K-9 Fox

The Warwick Police K-9 Unit was reinstituted in 2012 and is part of the Community Services Division and is currently staffed by Officer Aaron Steere and Officer Paul Wells along with their K-9 partners Viking and Fox.

Both K-9's are German Shepard's and were imported from the Country of Slovakia. The K-9 teams attended six months of initial training at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections and attend a minimum of 16 hours of in-service training every month.

Viking and Fox are trained in Patrol and Narcotics work. The K-9's currently maintain two national certifications in narcotics detection through the North American Police Work dog Association and the United States Police Canine Association.

The teams are nationally certified in Patrol work by the North American Police Work dog Association which includes Tracking, Evidence recovery, Building searches, Area Searches and Handler Protection.

Officer Steere and Officer Wells are both deputized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and have assisted in numerous local, State and Federal narcotics investigations.

The following is a summary of the K-9 officer’s activities during 2016:

  • K-9 tracks                                         27
  • Building searches conducted:            8
  • Cash seizures:                                    $550,000
  • Narcotics investigations/assists:                 129
  • Marijuana seized:                              36lbs
  • Cocaine seized:                                  13 kilos
  • Heroin seized:                                   19lbs
  • Weapons seized:                               1 M4 Rifle


Officer Paul Wells with his K-9 partner Fox and Officer Aaron Steere with his K-9 partner Viking have continued to be a very successful addition to the Warwick Police Department and the Community Services Division and they along with their K-9 partners had a very successful year in 2016; as they were recognized by the DEA resident agent in charge, Sam Masiello for their professionalism and dedication.

 During the calendar year of 2016, the Community Services Division added two new officers with their police K-9 partners.  These officers and their K-9’s received extensive training during the summer in drug detection and patrol operations.  In addition to their K-9 responsibilities, these officers assist with various community police events such as attending neighborhood meetings, National Night Out, conducting demonstrations as well as school visits.  


Big marijuana grab2

A large drug bust