The Traffic Division of the Warwick Police Department consists of a Sergeant, 7 Traffic officers and one civilian.


The Traffic Division is responsible for the investigation of all serious/fatal motor vehicle accidents, follow up investigations involving hit and run accidents, traffic surveys/studies, conducting funeral or VIP escorts, organizing large events such as parades and firework displays, as well as various other duties and responsibilities. Some of these duties include addressing traffic complaints throughout the City, conducting enforcement efforts and campaigns, supervision and training of the crossing guards assigned to the Warwick Public Schools, training and utilization of the City’s Community Service Officers program which are volunteers that assist with traffic control at various special events such as parades/festivals.

In addition, the Traffic Division is also responsible for coordination of various road construction projects taking place throughout the City. The officers assigned to the Traffic Division are some of the most highly trained members of the police department. These officers each attend (3) rigorous two week courses where they learn various skills and become certified Accident Reconstructionists which enable them to handle these complex investigations.

Sergeant John Kelly
Business Phone: 401-468-4293
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A sub division of the Warwick Police Department Traffic Division is the Community Service Organization. The Community Service Organization is a group of civilian volunteers that assist the Warwick Police Department with City events such as traffic and pedestrian control for the Memorial Day Parade in May and the Gaspee Day Parade  in June. They also assist the Warwick Police Department in times of emergencies and natural disasters, such as evacuation during severe storms and assisting with searches for missing persons. Members of the Community Service Organization are callled Community Service Officers or CSO's.

To apply you must be 18 years of age and pass a routine background check. Complete the attached application below and return it to the Warwick Police Traffic Division.

CSO Application  (new form)