BCI- Bureau of Criminal Identification/Forensics: Sergeant Kyle Kettelle

The identification unit comprises three distinct job classifications. Identification: which involves the accurate identification of criminal offenders by fingerprinting and DNA matching utilizing federal, state and local databases. Crime Scene Technicians: whose responsibility it is to gather and preserve crime scene evidence for collection and examination. Property Custody: this stores property and maintains a custody chain for collection and release of property involved in criminal investigations. This unit plays an integral part of every investigation because the necessity to identify, collect and preserve evidence plays a crucial role in the prosecution of criminals. In the past year, this unit has been responsible for linking some of the most heinous crimes to the offenders listed previously. Without this unit, most offenders would not be prosecuted. In addition, they are responsible for conducting state mandated employment background checks and fingerprinting as required by law. It comprises of three detectives, a civilian crime technician, and a supervising Sergeant.

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