For Immediate Release                                                                                               February 5, 2015

Contact: Major Raymond E. Gallucci, Jr.                                                                   Office: 468-4228                  

Safety Alert – Snow Removal from Sidewalks

Effective Friday, February 6, 2015 at 7 A.M. through Saturday, February 7 at 7 P.M., the Warwick Police Department will issue violations to businesses and residential homeowners who are in non-compliance.

The Warwick Police Department received numerous complaints regarding snow removal from sidewalks and realizes this presents a significant safety hazard, particularly for students and the elderly.

The department has applied discretion and attempted to educate residents concerning their responsibility with the intent of achieving voluntary compliance.

We realize the burden of compliance with this ordinance, given the depth of the snow; nevertheless, ample time has passed since the initial storm in order to achieve compliance.

Additionally, we understand many of the reasons and excuses for not complying; they fail in comparison when balanced against safety considerations.

Based on the concern for public safety we are now compelled to enforce the statute and issue a violation for non-compliance.

Sec. 70-102. Removal of snow required.

“The owner, owner-designated occupant, or any person having the care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street shall cause the snow to be removed from the sidewalk.”

“Violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine of $100.00 for the first and second offense.”

Raymond E. Gallucci, Jr.


Operations Bureau Commander