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    How would YOU like to become a member of the Warwick Police Department, which is full of rich traditions and cutting edge technology? The Warwick Police Department will be accepting applications beginning July 20th through September 1st for the position of Police Officer. Check our information on our website, FaceBook and Twitter pages! Read More +
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    Warwick's National Night Out is Tuesday, August 1st, from 5-930 PM at the sea wall in Oakland Beach. It will end with fireworks. Come join us and have some fun.
  • Welcome to the Warwick Police Department

    The Warwick Police Department is comprised of dedicated, professional police officers that are committed to the safety and security of the residents of the City of Warwick.
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Welcome to the Warwick Police Department

The Warwick Police Department was established in 1921.  Prior to that the villages of Warwick were policed by constables and sheriffs since 1648.  The department currently has 172 sworn police officers supported by 53 civilian employees that provide municipal policing services to a residential population of 81,000.

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The Warwick Police Department welcomes you to complete a victim/witness survey if you have been the victim or witness to a crime

Warwick Police Department Headlines

Warwick Police Department


    It is with the highest regard for the life-saving efforts of Officer Jill Marshall, the Warwick Police Department releases the following incident details: On Sunday, October 4, 2015 at approximately 1027hrs, Officer Jill Marshall responded to 4100 Post Road on a report of a unresponsive female operator in a car. Upon arrival, Officer Marshall was met by two witnesses who described the woman as unresponsive and possibly deceased. Off. Marshall immediately checked the female victim whose eyes were half-open, pale, and sweaty. Immediately recognizing the symptoms of a possible drug overdose, Officer Marshall retrieved her issued Narcan kit and administered it to the victim. By the time the rescue arrived, the female victim's condition rapidly reversed to the point she was able to speak with Officer Marshall. Warwick Rescue transported the coherent woman to Kent County Memorial Hospital.
    If not for Officer Marshall's keen assessment and immediate revival of the victim, another life would have likely been victim to this overdose epidemic.  It is with this latest incident in mind, Colonel McCartney reminds us all of the importance of early intervention and treatment as well as the wide availability of Naloxone. Please refer to the Department of Health Website for additional information: http://www.health.ri.gov/healthrisks/drugoverdose/.

Point of Contact: Captain Joseph Coffey, 401.468.4365, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marshall Jill

Good job Officer Jill!

For a little local perspective on a national and especially regional problem:

In 2015 so far the Warwick Police has responded to 105 suspected overdoses with 9+ ending tragically in death (three are still awaiting ME confirmation). Officers have utilized Narcan 3 times possibly saving those individuals. Narcan is a medication used to reverse the effects of opioids (Heroin) where overdose is suspected as indicated by depressed respiration, low pulse and loss of consciousness. Officers have been carrying Narcan since February  Most times the fire department is the first to arrive at suspected overdoses and they have utilized Narcan about 90 times.

We know, more than most average citizens, the evils of herion use and other drugs are behind a good percentage of crimes and family sorrow. Try to remember, before you judge, that the drug user is someone's family member and a life saved is a life kept.