• 2017 Warwick Police Department Recruit Drive

    How would YOU like to become a member of the Warwick Police Department, which is full of rich traditions and cutting edge technology? The Warwick Police Department will be accepting applications beginning July 20th through September 1st for the position of Police Officer. Check our information on our website, FaceBook and Twitter pages! Read More +
  • 2017 National Night Out

    Warwick's National Night Out is Tuesday, August 1st, from 5-930 PM at the sea wall in Oakland Beach. It will end with fireworks. Come join us and have some fun.
  • Welcome to the Warwick Police Department

    The Warwick Police Department is comprised of dedicated, professional police officers that are committed to the safety and security of the residents of the City of Warwick.
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Welcome to the Warwick Police Department

The Warwick Police Department was established in 1921.  Prior to that the villages of Warwick were policed by constables and sheriffs since 1648.  The department currently has 172 sworn police officers supported by 53 civilian employees that provide municipal policing services to a residential population of 81,000.

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The Warwick Police Department welcomes you to complete a victim/witness survey if you have been the victim or witness to a crime

Warwick Police Department Headlines

  May 17th 2016 marks the 3rd anniversary of the murder of John (Jack) Fay in Warwick City Park. This tragedy is still being vigorously investigated by the Warwick Police Department.
As part of their investigative effort, Warwick Police requested a Snapshot Phenotype Report from Parabon Nanolabs Inc. be conducted on a DNA sample believed to be from Fay's murderer. The test technology is approximately 4 years old and uses the DNA profile to make an analysis to predict the physical appearance and ancestry of the sample owner. It is commonly used to develop investigative leads, narrowing suspect lists and identifying unknown remains.
  This scientifically objective description includes a composite profile with eye color, skin color, hair color, face morphology and detailed biogeographic ancestry. It is important to note that this composite is not necessarily an exact match to the person who committed this crime. This technology uses a baseline age of 25 years and an average BMI (body mass index). It also doesn't predict hair length, facial hair or environmental factors such as dyed hair, body piercings or tattoos.
  The release of this information is intended to make the public aware of these scientific predictions in case anyone has information that can relate this Sanpshot Phenotype Report result to the homicide. The release is also intended to keep this crime fresh in people's minds, and to encourage them to contact Warwick Police with any knowledge of possible suspects or circumstances surrounding this murder.

  If anyone has information that might be relevant to the case, they should contact Sergeant Canning at 401-468-4236 or Detective John McHale at 401-468-4267. The anonymous TIP line can be reached at 401-732-TIPS.